Open source patient-practitioner communications and mobile medical records.

Medical professionals are asking for fast, searchable, context-aware visibility into health profiles, while patients like us wish to better understand medical knowledge, and share it in confidence. We are a startup that develops platforms for personal access to medical history and doctor-patient communication connected to open health data sources.

Patient Centric

Synopses puts the patient at the center of attention, a smart patient bar shows a priority list: the next appointment is right at the top. With logical and distraction-free workflow, we've optimised the experience of communicating with patients and fellow practitioners. A smart search shows instant results throughout the application.

Use the contact form below if you are interested in trying out our alpha release, or test the prototype projects yourself using instructions in our open source repositories.

Please note that our prototype is not ready for production use. If you are looking to deploy an electronic health record platform we would recommend that you instead evaluate the mature Elexis open source.

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